what is steel foundry

Do you know from where you can get a metal casting? No matter whether it is steel casting, iron casting or aluminum casting, all of these are manufactured in a foundry. Clinging onto this notion, a steel foundry then is a foundry or a special factory that deals with the manufacture of casting steel.

Types of steel castings:

The two major categorize in which we can divide steel casting are:

· Carbon steel:

This is a type of casting manufactured in the foundry with high carbon content. The usual percentage of carbon added in it ranges from 0.12% to 2%. This is done to give special characteristics to the end product.

· Alloy steel:

At times, a material with high strength and good mechanical properties is in demand. To provide such a material, the casting metal carries out the process of alloying casting steel with other elements. The result then either can be a low-alloy steel formation or high-alloy steel.

What are the uses of material manufactured in the foundry?

The steel manufactured in the foundries is then used in the following places:

· Hydroelectric turbine wheels

· In heavy-duty trucks

· Gears

· Pump casing

· high pressure pump and air motor

· Mining machining

· Turbines

· Cylinder blocks and for many other industrial uses